Dates Eugeniu Botnari

Commemoration weeks in Lichtenberg, Eugeniu Botnari – fatality of right wing violence

Commemoration for Eugeniu Botnari – No victim of right-wing violence is forgotten! 17.09.2020 from 5 pm in front of the train station Lichtenberg at Weitlingstraße afterwards from 7:30 pm Information event: “Social chauvism and fascism” (by Anne Allex) in the Remise of Magdalenenstraße 19 17.9.2020 marks the fourth anniversary of the deadly attack on Eugeniu Botnari. With a rally in front of the Lichtenberg train station, starting at 5 pm, we want to commemorate Botnari as a victim of right-wing violence. His death is not a sad isolated incident. It is an expression of the racist structures of devaluation that […]