Commemoration of Beate Fischer

Commemorative rally: Friday | 23.7.21
Start: 17:30 S + U Gesundbrunnen
Demo: 18:00
Memorial: 19:15 Emmentaler Straße 97 – The place of the murder

On July 23, 1994, Beate Fischer was murdered in the most disgusting and brutal way by four Nazis. The 32-year-old sex worker left behind a family with two small children.

This murder was and is not an isolated case – in several respects. Misogynistic violence is part of the grimace of patriarchy, from which countless victims suffer every day. From “domestic” violence to sexualized violence to femicide.

Violence against sex workers is also a tragic part of everyday life; Beate Fischer is by far not the only one for whom the social exclusion of sex workers culminated in murder. And also crimes and terror of neo-Nazis are, in the days of Hanau and Halle, a problem of the whole society.

Therefore we want to commemorate Beate Fischer loudly and militantly!