Commemoration weeks in Lichtenberg, Eugeniu Botnari – fatality of right wing violence

Commemoration for Eugeniu Botnari – No victim of right-wing violence is forgotten!
17.09.2020 from 5 pm in front of the train station Lichtenberg at Weitlingstraße

afterwards from 7:30 pm
Information event: “Social chauvism and fascism” (by Anne Allex)
in the Remise of Magdalenenstraße 19

17.9.2020 marks the fourth anniversary of the deadly attack on Eugeniu Botnari. With a rally in front of the Lichtenberg train station, starting at 5 pm, we want to commemorate Botnari as a victim of right-wing violence. His death is not a sad isolated incident. It is an expression of the racist structures of devaluation that permeate the entire society. For this reason we demand that the station forecourt be named after Eugeniu Botnari. By giving back a place in public space to a victim of racist violence, the deadly consequences of right-wing ideology can be made visible.

Botnari had to die after he was brutally beaten up by the then manager of the Edeka market in Lichtenberg station after an alleged theft. The escalation of violence was intensified by the fact that the perpetrator perceived his victim as homeless and not German. Driven by the racist and social-chauvinist idea that Botnari was worth less as a human being, the perpetrator inflicted the fatal injuries on him. In court, the racist character of the crime was confirmed. Yet Botnari is not listed as an official victim of right-wing violence. We must not forget what was done to him. Therefore, attend the rally and support our demand for a renaming of the place.

Afterwards there will be an information event by Anne Allex at Plattenkosmos (Magdalenenstraße 19) on “Social chauvinism as an element of fascist ideology” (German). Both actions take place in the context of the campaign “Active commemoration in Lichtenberg”. It is intended to remember Eugeniu Botnari and Kurt Schneider as victims of right-wing violence in the district and to place their fates in a social context.