Commemorative brochures available for Lichtenberg

Since we started the commemoration work last year on the anniversary of the murder of Kurt Schneider with the rally on October 6, we have not been idle. Encouraged by the popularity and the networking in the “Nobody is forgotten” campaign, the commemoration work for Eugeniu Botnari was also resumed.
We were fortunate to be able to network with initiatives, experts and committed people, whose experiences and expertise we put on paper together. The result is two brochures that thematically frame the memory of Eugeniu Botnari and Kurt Schneider and explain the circumstances and ideologies that led to the murders.

Brochure Kurt Schneider
Brochure Eugeniu Botnari

Support the initiatives for the creation of memorials, so that the memory of the victims of right-wing violence can become an integral part of the Lichtenberg consciousness!

The brochures are available free of charge in digital form or as a printed version at the information events and rallies!