Commemoration weeks in Lichtenberg, Kurt Schneider – murdered by neonazis

Commemoration for Kurt Schneider – No victim of right-wing violence is forgotten!
06.10.2020 from 5 pm in front of the city hall Lichtenberg

On the evening before (05.10.2020) at 7 pm
Information event: “The murder of Kurt Schneider”
in the Remise of Magdalenenstraße 19


On October 6, we commemorate Kurt Schneider, who was murdered on this night 21 years ago by a group of neonazis for social-chauvinist motives. We want to draw attention to the fact that right-wing attacks are often not recognized as such. In Berlin there have been at least 20 victims of racist and fascist violence since the beginning of the 1990s.

Kurt Schneider has only been officially counted among them since the publication of a study by the Center for Anti-Semitism Research at the TU Berlin in 2018, until then the act was considered a non-political robbery-murder. The study, however, made it clear that Kurt Schneider was not murdered because of the stolen small change. The decisive factor was the fascist ideology of the perpetrators, some of whom had been previously convicted and felt part of the extreme right-wing “Hammerskins”. These regarded him as a supposedly unemployed alcoholic and therefore as inferior.
Because contrary to what right-wingers often suggest – standing up for socially weak “Germans″ – the right-wing ideology stands for social chauvinism. People who have no work and receive social assistance are considered “antisocial”. The ideological context must not be ignored, since it is here that the excessive violence against socially weaker people is justified.
A particular focus of right-wing violence was and still is the district of Lichtenberg. People are still regularly attacked today for racist and social-chauvinist motives. Right-wing and neo-Nazi structures still exist, reinforced by the AfD, which sits as its parliamentary arm in the Lichtenberg BVV.
Besides Kurt Schneider, we want to remember all victims of right-wing violence. We demand a solidary society without social exclusion. For a Lichtenberg without neo-nazis and without right-wing violence. Come in large numbers on October 6 at 5 pm to the rally at the City Hall Lichtenberg aswell as to the informational event at October 5 7pm at Plattenkosmos, Magdalenenstr. 19!